Useful Portuguese Words & Expressions

Sometimes there are certain words that just do not have a literal translation to other languages. The list below consists of a group of words that can be useful when you visit Lisbon. Check out the gastronomic elements and everyday situations that may help on your trip, pronouncing the right word or expression!

Assalto: Robbery.

Atalho: Shortcut.

Azulejo: This is a very traditional Portuguese style of tile work, usually handmade.

Bica: Espresso coffee.

Bifana: Sandwich of seasoned slice of pork steak.

Boleia: Hitchhiking

Bitoque: Portuguese steak with chips and a fried egg.

Caldo Verde: Portuguese soup made with potatoes, collard greens, olive oil and thinly sliced chourizo.

Cozido à Portuguesa: Different meats and vegetables boiled together.

De graça: For free.

Esplanada: An open, outside area, with tables and chairs, where people eat and have a drink.

Galão: A style of Portuguese long coffee drinks with milk.

Imperial: Draft beer.

Morada: Address.

Paragem de Autocarro: Bus stop.

Portagem: Tolls.

Troco: Change.

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