Why Should You Visit Lisbon?

It has been named as the “new Berlin” and is on everyone’s lips. Also known as the city of seven hills, Lisbon’s been the new European culture hype for the last 7 years, with everything going its way. Travelers who visit Lisbon usually say: “You either love Lisbon, or you really like it.”

Visit Lisbon if you enjoy warm weather

It is considered to be one of the warmest cities in Europe – both because of the weather as well as the people – Whether you surf and enjoy going to the beach (only minutes away from the city) or if you need some directions on the street, the Portuguese people will stop doing whatever they are doing to help you out. Even though most of the things you hear about Lisbon has to do with the economy, Troika and unemployment, you might be expecting to find some bitterness and bummed local faces, but you will probably have the exact opposite experience when you visit Lisbon. Also, the city is cheap and has been attracting foreigners who can no longer afford cities like Barcelona, Paris or Rome.

Art in Lisbon

The feel of the city is also a gust of authenticity, showing traditional Portugal roots, like the unique Portuguese white sidewalk, that reflects the sun and brightens the city, giving it a beautiful natural light. You can find a variety of art forms all over the city, from statues and fountains to graffiti and street bands. Some of the next generations greatest artistic minds are gathering here, getting inspired and sharing their pieces with the Portuguese people.

Portuguese way of Life

The Lisbon way of life is a mixture of modern and new-fashion with tradition and local customs. Take Bairro Alto, for example, an entire neighborhood of old maze streets known for its nightlife, with open-air bars and live music populating all of them, where you can enter into any of them as you please, to dance or simply sit and have a drink. Also health consciousness has been growing exponentially among the population, with many accesses to healthy foods, bicycle paths, yoga and gyms.

An old soulful city with young hearted people.

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Lisbon City

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Tips & Tricks

Useful Portuguese Words & Expressions

Sometimes there are certain words that just do not have a literal translation to other languages. The list below consists of a group of words that can be useful when you visit Lisbon. Check out the gastronomic elements and everyday situations that may help on your trip, pronouncing the right word or expression! Assalto: Robbery. Atalho: Shortcut.

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