With its name inspired by the experience of getting to know the City of 7 Hills – The 7 Hotel will awake in you the 7 Sensations only possible here, in Lisbon:


    1. See

    Get your head around all the beautiful monuments you have to explore. The city also has lots of viewpoints worth discovering!

    2. Smell

    There’s nothing like the smell of the Portuguese espresso, the sea breeze, the Portuguese basil known as “manjerico” and our roasting chestnuts on the streets! Some of these smells are just unforgettable.


    3. Hear

    Our national music genre, Fado, will take you to your deepest melancholic thoughts… And will leave you longing for more. The city also has a lot of internationally known music festivals with eclectic line-ups.

    4. Touch

    We want you to always be able to go online to share your experiences and plan your sightseeing! That’s why we have free wifi access at The 7 hotel.


    5. Walk

    There is a reason why Lisbon’s known for being the City of Seven Hills. Fortunately our hotel is located near most of the attractions, but don’t forget to use the trams and public elevators!

    6. Eat

    You are in for a treat. If you like soups, welcome to soup heaven. If you have a sweet tooth, be prepared to taste some of the best pastries in the world, like the famous Pastéis de Belém. We also suggest you try the seasonal sardines and snails.


    7. Sleep

    It’s important to us that you have a great night’s sleep. That’s why our mattresses are top quality and we praise for your comfort and privacy.