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At The 7 Hotel, comfort, versatility and functionality do not have to be mutually exclusive. With our hydromassage shower systems, you can have all this and more. Eminently practical, they easily fit into small spaces, transforming any bathroom into an authentic oasis of well-being. Versatile and functional, they can even be fitted to very small spaces and deal efficiently with all day-to-day needs. The hydromassage columns offer four water jets and the shower ensures the perfect pressure for a high-quality bath.

The shower provides a continuous stream of water on the skin and the constant renewal prevents accumulation of dirt. It is also important to provide a large amount of heat or cold in the whole body, functioning as a single stimulant for the circulatory and autonomic nervous systems.

While the hot water dilates blood vessels and makes the muscle tissue to relax, the cold water constricts the skin vessels and stimulates blood flow and the nervous system. We recommend that you enjoy the hot water to make resting easier, since it releases the tension gained during your Lisbon walks, and the cold water at the beginning of your day, eliminating the physical and psychological fatigue. However, the best is to do a combination of both, first the hot water and gradually, the cold water, favoring the circulation.